Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Webgames: Test Your Brain

Try these basic Mental Flash games:

First the Basic Graphical Puzzle games:
Yellow out
I believe this teaches organisational skills and thinking about space. It could even be used for interior design skills being able to clear spaces to fit other objects. You have to move objects of different sizes back and forth, so that you can get the playing object out of the arena. It just so happens they're using cars and a car park to demonstrate the idea. I'd be interested to know if there's anyone who can't pass Level 50.

Crazy cube
This is really good. Think Rubik's cube but with only 3 sides and virtual. You only have to deal with 3 sides which makes it easier, a full six would have been too hard I feel. This one teaches path finding believe it or not, trying to find a route between two squares with out breaking the routes of the others. It gets progressively harder, Lv17 was a real bit*h. It's interesting because it teaches a few rules, think achems razor, except the simplest route is not always the shortest. I won't say more because it will give away the learning. Try it.