Tuesday, 5 June 2007


YouTube Comments

This particular video is Street Fighter Ken and Ryu versus Dragon Ball Z Vegeta and Son Goku, a must for anybody who grew up with Streetfighter on SNES (although these SF characters are from Alpha I believe) or read the DragonBall Z comics. This appears to be one of the better versions.

If you don't know about Mugen check it out. It's a game engine which can literally have nearly any character you can think of in it. Check it out on Google and YouTube, there are hundreds of videos. The Mugen engine is similar of many 2D fighting systems and games from 1999, so plays similar to streetfighter or king of fighters, or any number of neo geo fighting games. It can be downloaded and then users can add their own characters and backgrounds, making whole new characters may be a little complex but there are many character packs out there just search for them, it's great what you can find.

Here's another example Homer Vs Peter Griffin

More from same
JudgeSpear is a good source for characters and videos.