Saturday, 29 September 2007

Sorry for the absence. Working for corporations where you can't say what you think kinda sucks. Back now :)

Now none of this really matters, nothing to get worked up on but:

Halo 3: it's just a game.
Bioshock: it's just a game.
P-S-3: Just a machine.

One shouldn't get so worked up over such things.

Speaking of corporations: Anyone want to work in a company were you work WITH people not FOR them.

Otherwise, who wants to work in a place where 'higher ups' are always right regardless? Where the Head can be a bully with no come back? Where it's always someone else's fault instead of taking responsibility themselves? Where only their opinion counts? Where they only think about covering their own arses, and where they always have a round of finger pointing, when in fact generally speaking people make errors and unless anything really bad happened it's just not needed. Where regardless of work, and how well it's going, things are all about politics? Not me.

Where you have to start modifying your thinking and behaviour to fit in, till you suddenly realise what you've become. A mindless robot.