Saturday, 30 June 2007

Some Confusing Type Of Hell...

Coincidentally Joystiq was also talking about Flash yesterday, but in the process they also linked to this article.

"The above is not a screenshot. It's a portal into insanity. Seriously, we're not even sure that you want to click it, lest you lose your already tenuous grip on reality; for that is the price of Game, Game, Game and Again Game, the weirdest thing that's ever happened to us."

I "played" it.
Either it's designed by someone insane, on acid, or a philosophy student. Or all three. It's really unusual and breaks loads of game design "conventions" or blocks to innovation you could say [of course we have reasons for conventions, but then as the "artist" seems to say, design is not art, and we both can't draw worth a damn ;)] , I never would have thought of a game like this before but now it's given me a few ideas. Maybe those stick game designs and pencil drawn levels I did when age 8 really can have a life their own :~)

Check the comments they're quite conflicted or as one of the commenter's says: "
18. That was stupid. It looks like someone spent some time in a philosophy class after they just had too much of acid." :) I don't think it's stupid.